The Liking Principle

One thing I really appreciate about the liking principle is that it’s challenging to get it right but so easy to get it wrong. The liking principle is all about building trust, establishing a connection, and getting to know your customers on a personal level.

You won’t learn this stuff in business school or university. They focus more on the boring side of business, which is important, but not as important as getting to know your customers so they keep coming back to your business.

Personally, when I worked at Carrots & Daikon, I loved greeting customers with a smile, asking how they were doing, and remembering details about them so I could talk to them the next time they came in.

It brought me a lot of joy to see happy and satisfied customers enjoying the food I prepared at my Vietnamese deli. What made the job worthwhile was getting to know the kids who came to the shop with their parents. It was great to see them enjoy good and healthy food and know that I played a part in their journey into their teenage years and beyond.

Back to the liking principle, it’s easy to let a bad day affect you, and that can impact how you treat your customers. Even a small instance of bad service can hurt your business and make someone think twice about coming back. That’s scary, but if you keep your business simple and focus on the basics, you’ll be on the right track.

If you pay attention to the small things and do them well, people will notice and appreciate your efforts. However, if you try to do too much too fast, it can scare people away. Building a connection with customers takes time, but as time goes on, you’ll see them coming back more often. If they don’t, it’s a sign that you need to evaluate what you’re doing and consider making changes.

Customers like things to be consistent and predictable. If you can provide them with reliable products and services, they won’t have a reason to go elsewhere. If there are a few places they can choose from, make it easy for them to pick your business over others.

The great thing about the liking principle is that people prefer to buy from people they like. So if you and your team are likable and provide good service, you’ll have a loyal customer base that will keep your business going for years to come.

That’s why I was able to keep my business open during the pandemic and the high cost of living. If you support your customers, they’ll support you back. It’s a “you get what you give” mentality that I truly believe is crucial for any business to survive and thrive.

I want to end this post by thanking all the customers who found this website and read this. It has been a pleasure serving you our food and getting to know you personally. I loved every moment of it, and what you gave me was more than just a job—it was a sense of purpose. Thank you for all these years and for your support.

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