I Closed my Vietnamese Deli Shop Business.. What do I do now?

For those who follow or know me on a work or personal level, you are aware that I recently closed my Vietnamese deli business, Carrots & Daikon, at the end of June 2023. I started the business with my two college friends and family, serving fresh, quick, and healthy homemade Vietnamese food for people on the go.

After operating for 8 and a half years, we faced challenges with Brexit, the pandemic, and the cost of living crisis, which didn’t led to the decision to close but only added to the situation. Though the business was doing well and fulfilling our customers’ needs, my family and I believed it was the right time to step back.

I wanted to try something new, and my mom needed to go abroad to look after my grandmother. This way, I can now focus on other projects and ideas that I’ve been eager to work on but didn’t have the time to commit to.

While some suggested hiring more staff to keep the business going, I’m a bit of a control freak and have always been hands-on in running and managing the business. I have always found it difficult to delegate and trust others fully.

Although hiring staff is an option, I’ve experienced difficulties in finding the right people. For every good staff member, there were six who didn’t meet the standards, leading to issues like coming in late, not making an effort with customers, and requiring consistent supervision (at times it felt like I was babysitting whilst also paying their wages).

When customers asked why I didn’t sell the business, I explained that Carrots & Daikon holds a special place in my heart, like a baby to me. I wanted to preserve its legacy and positive memories. Carrots & Daikon wouldn’t be the stay if someone else took over.

Plans for the next 12 months?

Now, that I am jobless and free to do whatever I want.  I’ve always been keen on pursuing my passion for making food and business videos on YouTube. One of the things, I did a lot during my weekends off working was to create talking head videos, sharing tips and advice about business and food. Additionally, I love making compiled business idea videos to help inspire people to start up their own food or market stall business.

I’m also planning to travel more, experience different cultures, and enjoy diverse cuisines, I’ve booked trips to various places. There’s so much in this world that I haven’t experienced yet so I’m very much looking forward to the unknown adventures ahead.

I also want to focus on cooking various kinds of food and meeting new people, as my social life has been in decline ever since I started my the deli shop (which is not surprising to anyone who has or had a business to run).

One of the most important lessons, I’ve learnt during my time at Carrots & Daikon and working my dream job is that life is beautiful and unpredictable. There is beauty in everything you do, at times you will need to extremely hard but as long as you can persevere then anything is possible.

You will never know if you don’t try.

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